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LotionTech™ Fabric

  • Softest fabric in the Southern Hemisphere: Where does the softness come from? Our Nylon utilizes supramolecular polymerization in its bonds, allowing us to achieve a hand-feel akin to silk/velvet, with a natural deodorising effect.
  • The Iconic Melting Effect: As the softest fabric below the equator, LotionTech™ features a hand-feel that is similar to applying body butter, producing a melting-lotion effect when you wear it. With its innovative construction, our fabric fluidly moulds to every inch of muscle movement.
  • Sweat-wicking and breathable: Taking the concept of staying dry to the next level, LotionTech™ features a special type of moisture-wicking weave that has effective sweat adsorption; the rapid transportation of moisture to the surface of the legging keeps skin fresh, dry, odour and itch free.
  • Flexible: With 360degree free-cut, tight-knit technology, our Lycra® resists fibre breakdown over 2 times longer than your average spandex. This means that your leggings will continue to sculpt you and move with you, while providing you with support for the most challenging exercises.
  • Care: LotionTech™ is designed for low to medium impact exercises. We recommend avoiding activities that cause excess friction and abrasion. If pilling occurs, it can be carefully removed with a fabric shaver.