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Herald Sun

Melbourne-based activewear designers Michelle Huang and Elle Castellani have set their sights on the global fitness stage following the release of their new range that allows wearers to use sweaty activewear for three days in a row without smelling.

The duo behind the brand Locionne are the first to create activewear infused with collagen, with an innovative design that uses “upcycled” marine life and the same collagen extraction technology used to treat burn victims.

The resulting fabric is deodorising and antimicrobial, so it can go three days without needing to be washed. 

Ms Huang said London buyers compared the samples to the prominent activewear boutiques with stunning results.

"Locionne beat all competitors for softness including Lululemon Aligns, which currently hold the mantle as the softest fabric in the world" she said "We now have the softest leggings in the world".