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Post work-out Skincare Routine

Alright ladies, let's talk skin!

Exercise is great for increasing blood flow and encouraging collagen production, which maintains your skin's firm and youthful appearance.

Following a proper skincare routine afterwards will help you keep it in top shape. 

Read on for our tips on creating a solid post-workout regime.

STEP 1: CLEANSE (gently)

You'll want to wash your face as soon as possible to get rid of any pore-clogging oils, sweat, and debris. We recommend a gentle, oil-free cleanser that balances your skin and doesn't leave it feeling dry or tight. 

We love this super hydrating Squalane cleanser by The Ordinary.

 Your skin can become extra sensitive following an intense training session, so avoid using any scrubs or harsh exfoliants.



 Serums are optional, but offer an added boost to your skincare regime with their higher concentration of active ingredients.

 Use one that addresses your skin's specific concerns, whether it's redness, blemishes or dehydration.

 We swear by Biossance's Vitamin C serum after the gym to hydrate, brighten, and bring out that post-workout glow. 




 Don't be tempted to skimp out on moisturiser, even if you were just drenched in sweat a moment ago.

 Lock in all the good skincare ingredients you've applied beforehand by using a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser if you are breakout prone, or go for a richer formula if you have dry, dehydrated skin.

Our co-founder Elle, uses Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and Mich, swears by Drunk Elephant's Lala Retro whipped cream.


If you plan on heading out during the day, or even if you're sitting at a desk next to a window, make sure your skin is protected from the sun.

We recommend Ultra Violette's Queen Screen (because you're a queen, haha, okay bad pun).

Did you know: the recommended amount of sunscreen we should be using on our face is half a teaspoon? (Measure it out-it's more than you think!)



This is your friendly reminder to drink a glass of water, right now!

Caring for your skin isn't only about what you apply on the surface. It's just as important to nourish it from within.

Your body loses a lot of moisture when you exercise, so replenish it by keeping hydrated throughout the day.


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